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Crazy Nerd Garage Sale Day


Estate Sale

Estate sales aren’t generally treasure troves for nerds–at least not the dice-toting, D&D playing type. But my aunt  gave me a lead the other day about an estate sale with a full house of  “the types of stuff I sell,” which more or less meant nerd stuff. She was right. I spent the day digging at the sale, and I’ve got an aching back, an injured thumb,  and a full garage, but I’m blissing out in nerd heaven  (nerdvana?), because I’ve never had such a large quantity of nerdy stuff. Seriously, my garage is a comic store, and it’s freaking awesome.

Except for furniture, everything at the sale was $5.00 a box, and after about six hours of digging and hauling, I  ended up with 39 boxes  of manga, anime, figurines,  cards, comic books, art books, D&D books, board games, card games, Pokemon, laser discs, commodore 64 games, and even a couple old packs of Magic: The Gathering  (Portal and Planeshift). I basically filled a good chunk of my garage for less than $200, and it’s going to provide me with months of work during slow times in my life. One of the best things about it, other than it will net a very large profit for my eBay store, is that  I don”t even know everything that I got, because if it looked nerdy,  I threw it in the box.


No Nerds Were Harmed in the Making of this Estate Sale

Oh, and don’t worry, no nerds died in the making of this estate sale. That thought did bum me out during the dig, because judging by the stuff, the nerd was probably my age or a little older.  I asked the man who was selling the stuff about the situation, and it turned out it was an elderly family member who was storing stuff for her grandson (or maybe nephew, I don’t remember exactly).With her gone and the house being sold , the nerd had no place for his overflow nerd-goodies, so I made the biggest and nerdiest score of my life.

Frickin’ sweet.


  1. I’m pretty incredibly jealous! That stuff sounds like an amazing collection! I’ve had some great luck with comics and games at yard sales, but nothing like that! Congrats!

    • It was the best find of my life for things I actually like. I’ve pulled a similar amount value wise before, but it was just in old books, not in anything I had a particular interest in. This stuff I actually like, so it makes it that much more exciting.

  2. This sounds awesome, Michael! You should definitely include a picture of your nerd garage :)

    • Only problem–it’s all still in boxes! I go out every night and dig out a treasure or two, but I won’t really get to dig into it until May.

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