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Spring Break Recap


Family Road Trip

A few times a year, my family and I head out on a shortish road trip, usually to another family member’s house that just happens to be in a nice location. My mom’s place fits the bill–she lives in Sonoma, and it’s only a few hours from Modesto, where I live. But my in-laws have a better location–Bend OR.–and being that it’s relatively far away, we don’t see them nearly as often.  Since my wife and I both had a week off at the same time with nothing to do (ha!), we decided to head up to see her folks.

Post-Drive Jammies

The Drive

The trip took about 10 hours each way, which in the past has been fairly rough on my son, which makes it fairly rough on us. Fortunately we were able to borrow a portable DVD player and my son watched one video on the way up, and another on the way back which gave us a few hours of semi-guaranteed quiet time in the car. He also napped for a couple hours each way, so we lucked out there, too. The drive was surprisingly pleasant, and my son was in a good mood even when he wasn’t sleeping or watching a video.

Potty Breaks

I’m Breeding Next Gen Geek Squad Employees Who Get Excited About Peeing in the Grass and Fixing Computers

We stopped a lot on the way, four or five times, usually so my son could go to the bathroom. My son is new to potty training, and a few times we ended up creating a rest-area in some tall weeds on the side of the road, something that thrilled him more than actually using a toilet. He didn’t have any accidents on the way, though there was one particularly close call that I will politely refrain from sharing. Okay, I’ll just say this–Taco Bell bean burrito: He ate one; you can figure the rest out.

Me an’ Eli



Bend is a nice town. 80k people, high-desert, which is a blend of desert shrubs and evergreens, with the Deschutes river running right through the middle of the town. I spent most of my time studying for my comps, but I managed to go out for a few hours each day, eat a buffalo burrito, fish with my son, and drink some local beer that was super hoppy and smelled like flowers. Good beer. Good trip.


  1. I’m (very) late on this, but…Bridgeport, maybe? Found a clone recipe for their IPA that looked…complicated. Dry-hopped with Cascade seems to be a popular speculation.

    • I didn’t order it from the menu (it arrived free with the meal), and even though my mother-in-law did say the name once, I can’t remember what she said.

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